appetizers for individuals

*minimum 15 person

bite size meatballs
pork, veal, prosciutto, mortadella
option: Italian passata sauce
3.5 per person

bite size meatballs
option: house made smoky bbq sauce
2.5 per person

chive + fontina risotto cake
bed of spring greens, pea shoots, house made vinaigrette
3 per person

bite size homemade pasta
tagliatelle, bolognese sauce, grana padano
3 per person
ravioli (seasonal fillings) sauces to pair
4 per person

pan seared digby scallop
shallots, white wine, lemon zest, herbs

shrimp cocktail
extra large white Pacific prawns, horseradish cocktail sauce
2.5 per person

sundried tomato dip
house made rosemary nut crackers
2 per person

*$2 each – minimum 10 crostinis per type

cranberry, brie + prosciutto
balsamic crema

grilled pear, goat cheese
truffle honey

olive + artichoke

smoked salmon + boursin

*order based per 10 servings

parmesan + thyme crackers

rosemary + nut crackers

cheese straws

chipotle + rosemary roasted nuts

candied pecans

charcuterie board