about lindsay

Cooking and feeding people has always been a large part of my family’s heritage, where entertaining regularly took place around the kitchen table. Growing up, my mom – who is also my business partner – taught me everything I know about food. Raising four children with a full time job, she still found time to make everything from scratch. Through cooking with my mom and babas, I was exposed to recipes that have survived generations. It’s a pleasure to be able to share these special dishes with others today.

My passion for cooking and love of food was taken to the next level when I spent a year eating my way through Europe. I believe food helps us to understand a place and it’s people, so I always make a point of learning the techniques of each region’s cuisine. My weekly visits to the outdoor markets in Paris is a tradition I’ve continued, as I always shop for fresh, local produce at our Calgary markets.

Caterer Lindsay Reid enjoying wine
Lindsay Reid at cooking class
Caterer Lindsay Reid preparing pannacotta

I take simple, humble flavours and elevate them so they sing. I am also attuned to customer service, with the kind of attention to detail that draws my clients back time after time. I love a creative challenge, so I don’t have set menus, preferring to create original custom dishes for each event.

Whether it’s an outdoor BBQ or a high-end cocktail party, I strive to make each occasion a one of a kind experience.

As my husband constantly reminds me, life is short so it should be spent doing what we love. For me, nothing is as rewarding than being surrounded by people I love and enjoying really great food together. It brings me joy to be a part of my clients’ special occasions, helping them bring together friends, family and food with garnish + grace.